Since our inception we have had clear values to defend in the Cruceroadicto Awards. To unite them to our essence we have turned them into our commitments to the travel community and the cruise industry.


establishing systems that authenticate the votes, ensuring that they all come from people and not from a robot.


awarding prizes on the basis of a minimum number of votes (sampling error below 5%).

Anonymity and confidentiality

voting process where no identifying information is requested from the participant.


voting methodology where participants can complete the voting process in less than 5 minutes if done in an uninterrupted manner.


where the participation and vote counting process is carried out by an external company (We-iN).


by collecting among the options of shipping companies, ships and destinations those that have operated during the season and would have been marketed by the largest cruise platforms in the world.


preventing a participant from answering twice from the same IP.


Making voting available to any Spanish-speaking cruiser with Internet access anywhere in the world.

We measure the fulfillment of our commitments and disclose the result with transparency:

  • Transparency. % of unauthenticated votes (target 0%, result 0%)
  • Reliability. Sampling error (target <5%, result 2,13%)
  • Simplicity. Average time for answering the questionnaire without interruptions (target < 5 minutes, result 4 minutes, 41 seconds)
  • Anonymity and confidentiality. Number of personally identified voters (target 0, result 0)
  • Independence. Participation of an external company in the vote counting (target Yes, result Yes: We-iN)
  • Update. No. of ports, shipping companies and cruise ships operating in 2023 not included in the voting questionnaire (target 0, result 0)
  • Security. % dual IP voting (target 0%, result 0%)
  • Globality. 24/7 availability to vote (target 100%result 100%)

In case of non-compliance with one or more of the established commitments is detected, Cruceroadicto will adopt the following corrective measures:

  1. Communication of the incident and the established corrective action to voters and participants.
  2. Establishment of corrective measures to prevent future similar incidents.

Incident detection mechanisms can be either internal to Cruceroadicto (indicators and controls) or reported by users.


Voters and any other agent of the ecosystem of these awards can report possible non-compliance with the service and commitments acquired through this mailbox.The mechanisms for detecting incidents can be either internal to Cruceroadicto (indicators and controls) or communicated by users through this form, and will be answered within 10 calendar days.