No. Cruceroadicto produces, administers and finances the survey.

The inclusion of any cruise line or port is free of charge. All nominations to vote for one of them, their ships or ports are included by the organization according to the options available in each season for the travel community. Likewise no sponsorship or interference from any of the participants is allowed that may be subject to win some category.

Yes, but a strict control is in place to ensure that no incentive is offered to vote for participants in the survey. Cruise lines and ports can encourage cruise passengers to complete the survey, and vote for them without any consideration.

No. The voting is free of charge for the traveler,

Any person of any nationality of legal age (18 years old) and who have traveled at least once on a cruise during the past 12 months. The voting process is conducted in Spanish as the sole language.

No. Each cruiser will be able to vote only once by selecting their cruise lines, ships and ports of the last 12 months. All votes will be online with a IP control to avoid double voting.

No. No registration is required and no data of any kind is requested. Only IPs are kept to avoid double voting. They are deleted at the end of the voting process.

Less than 2 minutes. The traveler will choose his favorite cruise line, ship and port, however the intelligent voting system performs a subclassification by distinctive features allowing to reward more subcategories, such as luxury or river cruise companies.

The proclamation ceremony of the winners in the different categories is carried out as follows an event part of the tourism fair FITUR Madrid. At this event, the winner will be revealed from the 3 finalists with the most votes.