Our main and only objective: to have the maximum objectivity and independence to give voice to the travel community without the slightest doubt of commercial interests.

To achieve this, these awards have been developed in conjunction with the company We-iN, experienced  independent consultant, as a methodological and technological partner throughout the voting process.

Outsourcing the entire process allows us to ensure that travelers choose the best in the cruise industry with the utmost transparency and objectivity from the collection of votes to the final proclamation.

The objective is to be notaries of the cruisers' decision. Votes electing,according to their personal experiences, which are considered the best options for the last vacation on board.


3 categories

The traveler will choose his favorite cruise lines, ship and port. However, the intelligent system performs a subclassification by distinctive features allowing to reward more subcategories.


3 finalists for each main category will be determined among the most voted. According to a minimum number of votes the system will determine finalists for new subcategories.

1 overall winner

In the final act of proclamation, the finalist with the most votes in each category will be publicly revealed.


Open to all travelers of any nationality who have traveled at least once in the last year.

In Spanish

Although available to all cruisers, the voting process will be conducted in Spanish as the primary language.


Voting is completely free of charge and no consideration is allowed from participants in the form of a gift or raffle for participating.


Only 3 questions generate hundreds of combinations thanks to the intelligent system. The minimum number of votes will determine whether the category is awarded.


39 shipping lines, 437 ships, and 451 ports, representing 95% of the cruise activity, have been pre-selected and updated annually.

Voting control

All votes are online, with IP control to avoid double voting. The system will give validation avoiding fraud or manipulation. No voter data is stored; only voter's answers.


To ensure fairness, Cruceroadicto, assumes all operational costs of the awards.


No sponsors are allowed, either during the voting or at the proclamation ceremony, to participate or to be voted for.


If fraud is detected, or if any of our rules are violated by those voted for, all their votes will be eliminated and they will be out of that edition.